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About Us

As you are aware Cancer is disease which causes higher morbidity and mortality in Sri Lanka. Not only Cancer patients themselves, but their families also suffer in a variety of ways. Cancer patients in advanced stages experiences variety of hardships in the community. By considering every aspect how cancer patients suffer, we have stablished as social service organization called as Eastern Cancer Care Hospice (EASCCA) at Eravur in Sri Lanka in May 2015.

Eastern Cancer Care Hospice (EASCCA), is a non-profitable charity organization. Its main functions are to help the cancer patients and their families. As name implies, ‘Eastern’ tells only the location of the center but its services reach across the island for any cancer patients from any part of our motherland.

Its location is just one km from Savukkady beach with homely environment rather than a normal hospital setup. We started offering service since January 2019. so far, more than sixty terminally ill cancer patients have benefitted from this Centre from various parts of Sri Lanka from all three major communities. Therefore, this is a great asset to Sri Lanka. The great news is the biggest hospice in our country to serve cancer patients.